Orchardist, luchadora anti-capitalista, passionate lover of creatures and nature. Fascinated by words, languages, and the worlds they belong to.

Caminar Preguntando

Caminar Preguntando or “to walk asking questions” is dedicated to investigation and exploration (both personal and academic) into a world where many worlds may fit. I translate articles and write posts as they enrich my own understanding of this struggle for the pluriverse, where the greatness of all things and of the many ways of knowing and understanding our relation with the Mother Earth can be breathed, spoken and sung into complementarity with one another. This page follows the Zapatista struggle as well as the politics of Mexico as they relate to this struggle.  It’s content may range from  policy to agroecology, from language to ceremony and beyond.  Broadly, it focuses on the the many worlds directly to the south of the U.S. and our entanglements with them.  I hope to exchange ideas and have conversations through this venue, and for this reason, I am sharing it with you.

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